My name is Karel* Minor and I’m I was elected as an Owen J. Roberts School Board Director in 2017. I am a proud parent of three OJR students (Jane, Lilly, and Violet), homeowner and tax payer, and alumnus of Owen J. Roberts (as is my wife, Kim). I’m a nationally recognized non-profit executive and graduate of West Chester University (B.S. in Earth/Space Science).

I believe our challenge is to provide an exceptional education to our kids when tax dollars and resources are stretched thin and political landscapes are uncertain. We can best do that by ensuring focus on special education/gifted and 504 support advocacy, arts advocacy, fiscal discipline, and educational equity for all students (learn more about my S.A.F.E. Schools Plan by clicking here). As a responsive, transparent, and accountable school board member, I work to ensure OJR provides the best education for every child and a great return on your- our– taxpayer investment.

I hope you’ll take some time to learn about my S.A.F.E. Schools platform; follow me, keep up to date, and share my Facebook page; and support me by supporting the work of our kids, educators, district employees, and school board. I’d welcome a chance to speak with you about your concerns and wishes for the children in our community, so please email me directly at  School Board Directors are elected officials who represent our community and we need to hear your voice.  Together we can make a great school district even better, for every child!

*Karel is pronounced Karl.