Karel wants to improve OJR schools through the S.A.F.E. Schools Plan. In addition to the many responsibilities required of a school director, he’s committed to focusing on the following four priorities:

Special Education, Gifted Program, and 504 Advocacy: We must ensure that children with special needs and capabilities have the supports and resources required for maximum achievement and growth, as well as ensuring that children requiring temporary accommodations due to illness, injury or other circumstances have those needs addressed.

Arts and Humanities Advocacy: We must recognize the arts for not only their general educational value but for the critical role these studies play in preparing our children for the nearly trillion dollar creative industries/economy opportunities and careers available to them.  Creative jobs are well paying and secure jobs.

Fiscal Discipline and Responsibility: As a successful non-profit executive of Humane Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania’s leading animal welfare and non-profit veterinary services organization, Karel understands the responsibility he has to donors- or in the school district’s case, taxpayers.  We need high quality programs, services, and resources, both human and capital.  Wisely balancing services and accountability is critical.

Equity For All Students. Schools sometimes say they wish to engage all students in learning and success but sometimes fail to undertake the actions required to do so.  While the responsibility of ensuring this falls largely to administration, Karel believes that it is critical this expectation and mandate comes down from the school board and school board directors consistently ask how words will be translated into action, results, and success by administration.